Cedar shakes add a level of beauty to your roof that is unmatched by many other types of roofing materials. However, as with any other type of roofing material, cedar shakes have their advantages and disadvantages. Some things you need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not cedar shakes are right for you include your local climate conditions like wind and precipitation, the area surrounding your home such as trees and exposure to direct sun, and the amount of regular maintenance your willing to put into your roof.

The greatest advantage to a cedar shakes roof is without a doubt its natural beauty. But this beauty comes at a greater cost than traditional asphalt shingles. Cedar shakes are going to cost more to purchase and more to install.

Cedar shakes are very durable and quite often last up to 10 years longer than traditional asphalt shingles. They hold up to wind storms, rain, hail and snowstorms. Cedar shakes are also better in climates where the temperatures vary between hot and cold such as from summer to winter in Barrie. They also offer natural insulation, reducing your heating and cooling costs and ultimately your keeping your electricity bill down.

A cedar shakes roof is going to require regular maintenance to keep it moss and mold free and maintain its natural beauty. There are preservatives available to help reduce fungus growth and help preserve the wood. If you have a lot of trees overhanging your roof, the sap will encourage mildew. If left unnoticed, it is likely that you will be replacing more than just one or two cedar shingles. Let the Brentwood residential roofing contractors inspect your roof on a regular basis so you can be at ease that your cedar shakes are being cared for they way they should be.

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